Reflections While Abroad Online Seminar

on the experiences you are currently having
Share with other Anteaters abroad around the world
Translate your experiences into meaningful learning and action

This 1.0 unit P/NP seminar is exclusively for current UCI UCEAP participants

  • Course: Uni Studies 197E Course Code: 87805
  • How to Enroll:  Email to request an authorization code to enroll. In the e-mail
    include your name and the country(ies) where you will be studying.
  • Note: This course does not have a meeting time. You participate online from abroad as it fits into your schedule.

Course description:
This course is an online seminar for students who are currently studying abroad. The objective is to help you focus your thoughts about the exciting, transformative experience you are having and articulate the important life skills that are gained by experiencing a different culture. The writing assignments are intended to help you understand how the things you are learning by living in a different country translate into concrete academic and career skills that will last a lifetime, and how to communicate these ideas to others.  This course will be conducted online, and will require eight writing assignments of 200-300 words and one longer piece of 500-1000 words.  A prompt will be provided each week of the quarter and students may choose which ones to complete up to the minimum required.  Assignments will be turned in online via EEE, and students are encouraged to read and respond to each other’s submissions. Selected essays will be featured on the UCI Study Abroad Center website, with the authors' permission. 

Meet the Professor:



Rachel Martin is an associate professor of Chemistry and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Professor Martin studied abroad and now frequently travels to France and Germany for her research.  She is an enthusiastic supporter of studying abroad helping Chemistry majors study abroad and participating in activities in UCI’s International House in Arroyo Vista.  Her motivation stems from the fact that science is an international enterprise, and learning how to navigate different cultures and interact productively with scientists from other countries is an essential career skill.  She also regularly mentors undergraduates doing research and U-Teach classes.  Professor Martin’s research interests include protein solubility and aggregation, biological membranes, and interactions between water and hydrophobic solutes.  


If you have any questions, contact the Study Abroad Center