Returnee Seminar

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Study Abroad Experiential Learning

This 1.0 unit P/NP seminar is exclusively for study abroad returnees and will help you:

    • Reflect on your study abroad experience in a meaningful way
    • Market your study abroad experience for graduate schools or jobs
    • Exchange stories & bond with other study abroad returnees
    • Continue your international learning on campus!
Meet the Professor:

Professor Santiago Morales

Professor Santiago Morales received his Ph.D. in Romance Languages & Literatures from Harvard University and his B.A. in Hispanic Philology from the University of Zaragoza.

: Santiago Morales, Professor of Literature & Culture
Course Code: 87810
How to Enroll: Email for an authorization code

Winter Quarter 2018

Wednesdays, 3:30-4:20pm
Humanities Hall (HH) 242

Santiago Morales, professor of Literature & Culture from Spain, loves both teaching and traveling, so teaching this seminar allows Santiago the opportunity to be enthuastically in his element. In the past, he taught in both New York University's and Boston University's study abroad programs in Madrid. Professor Morales's research interests focus on the crossovers between music and narrative, especially in Spanish stories associated with musicians that never existed. He wrote The Anatomy of Disenchantment: Humor, Fiction and Melancholy in Spain (Purdue UP), a critique of the equivocal place held in our modern age by feelings that were, in another time, so nobel and persistent, such as grief, fear, guilt, and compassion.

To learn more about Professor Morales as well as how to navigate your own personal & professional path back at UC Irvine, enroll in the seminar.


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