Returnee Seminar

Enroll in Uni Studies197D:
Study Abroad Experiential Learning

This 1.0 unit P/NP seminar is exclusively for study abroad returnees and will help you:

    • Reflect on your study abroad experience in a meaningful way
    • Market your study abroad experience for graduate schools or jobs
    • Exchange stories & bond with other study abroad returnees
    • Continue your international learning on campus!
Meet the Professor:

Professor Armin Schwegler in Colombia, South America

Professor Armin Schwegler
(while doing fieldwork in Colombia, South America during April 2015) will guide you through your study abroad reflection &
on-campus engagement

Professor: Armin Schwegler, Professor of Spanish & Portuguese in the School of Humanities
Course Code: 87800
How to Enroll: Send authorization code request to Include your name & study abroad country(ies).

Fall Quarter 2018

Mondays, 3:00-3:50pm
Humanities Hall (HH) 108

Professor Schwegler experienced study abroad first-hand as UCEAP's Study Abroad Director in Costa Rica, and as faculty member while circumnavigating the world (literally so) with Semester at Sea (University of Virginia).  Born and raised in Switzerland, he has traveled widely to all continents except Australia. Having learned over a dozen languages, he is intimately familiar with many diverse cultures. As a linguist, he seeks to reconstruct the linguistic and genetic (DNA) origins of peoples, especially those in Africa and Latin America.

To learn more about Professor Schwegler as well as how to navigate your own personal & professional path back at UC Irvine, enroll in the seminar.


If you have any questions, contact the Study Abroad Center