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Why Global?

The world you will inhabit after graduation, both professionally and personally, has become increasingly interdependent. Understanding the complexities of this diverse world and developing global leadership skills will help you to function effectively in different cultural contexts. It will also help you understand your own culture(s) from the perspective of others, allowing you to be a responsible, ethical and successful global citizen.


Why Leadership?
Businesses of all sorts and at all levels of the economy, non-governmental organizations, and the U.S. government all seek university graduates who have authentic and sophisticated multicultural knowledge, possess the skills to interact successfully with people from different cultures and to live and work outside of the United States. Being a leader in a global context also means recognizing and fostering in others the unique and differing skills rooted in diverse cultural values. As a leader with these skills you can impact your community, our country, and the world in myriad positive ways.

Certificate Program

This Certificate Program is uniquely designed to help you broaden your understanding of what leadership means in a global society, and gain skills necessary to make a difference and initiate change. Without adding significantly to your academic workload, it will guide you in developing skills that meet your interests and needs. Through this program, you will be empowered to lead and succeed in our global and multicultural world.

Mission Statement

The Global Leadership Certificate Program aims to develop skills, knowledge, and understanding within participants that will allow them to lead responsibly and productively in their professional and personal lives as they face the human, technological and environmental challenges of our globally interconnected and multicultural world.

How (requirements)

The Global Leadership Certificate Program consists of six components:
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