Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I missed the Orientation. Can I still participate in the Program?
  A: Yes. You are encouraged to attend the Orientation as soon as possible, but it is not necessarily the first thing you must do. You can attend a future orientation. In the meantime start working on other requirements. Find a club or organization for Intercultural Engagement. Register for Passport to Leadership and start attending workshops. Visit the Study Abroad Center to investigate your study abroad options.

Q: I've already studied abroad. Does that count towards the GLCP?
  A: Yes. Requirements 2, 3, and 4 will be accepted in retro. All you need to do is carry out your reflection. You can follow the reflection guidelines attached on the requirements page. Your reflection can take the form of a photo journal, a blog, a video, etc. Effective reflections will include the points listed in the guidelines.

Q: Can I finish the program if I'm a 4th year?
  A: Yes. Time is short, so be sure to get started right away. If you are graduating in the Spring, the research or leadership options are available to you. Contact us so you can meet and ensure that you are on course for successful completion.

Q: How long does it take to complete the program?
  A: The program is designed to take a total of two years to complete. However, dedicated students have been able to complete the program within a year with concise planning and assistance from the GLCP Program Advisor.

Q: Do I have to complete the program in two years?
  A: No. Students can start their freshman year and finish their senior year if they choose.

Q:Are there any tips for completing the capstone?
  A: Yes. Whether you pick research, teaching, or practical application, make sure your capstone project is something you are passionate about. Discover your areas of interest by thinking about courses you have enjoyed taking here at UCI, expereinces that have impacted you, clubs you are involved with on campus AND by attending a variety of GLCP Events

Q: Does the Capstone take an entire year to complete? Do I need a mentor?
  A: Yes, the capstone takes a year to complete. Capstone projects require planning, implementation, and reflection to be successful. A project of this nature and scope is not realized to life over night. Securing a mentor is required as part of the capstone project process to ensure the quality of capstones.