• Overview
  • 1. Orientation to the Program
  • 2. Intercultural Engagement
  • 3. Leadership Development
  • 4. Study Abroad
  • 5. Seminar
  • 6. Capstone Project
  • Sequence of Participation


The Global Leadership Certificate Program (GLCP) consists of six components.

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Note: There are no prerequisites to sign-up for the GLCP.

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What: A 90-minute meeting (offered once per quarter) that is designed to help you map out your vision for a successful completion of the Global Leadership Certificate Program (GLCP).

GLCP Orientation
There are no orientations scheduled until further notice,
e-mail for details

Goal: By the end of the session you will
- have a better sense of what global leadership means to you.
- have a list of goals that you would like to accomplish in GLCP.
- learn how to put your plans into action.
- start the self-reflection process that is vital to the program.

How to Complete Requirement:
Attend only once as soon as possible after joining the program.


What: Engage in two quarters* of intercultural involvement within a familiar context on the UCI campus or in the surrounding community. Options include, but are not limited to:
Communication Club,
UCEAP Peer Mentor,
Involvement Opportunities for Students (via CCC)

and Resident in the International House in Arroyo Vista

Check with the Program Advisor for alternatives. Note: Two quarters can be fulfilled in the same club/organization or alternatively, you can participate in a different club/organization each quarter.

Goal: To step out of your comfort zone and gain insight into a culture, group, and/or individual that has perspectives different than your own.

How to Complete Requirement: Complete a mandatory reflection after each quarter of engagement. Click here for guidelines.


What: Develop leadership skills pertinent to your academic, career, and
personal goals. Participate in a quarter-long seminar/series or attend four
various workshops, ally trainings, etc. offered on campus that span a variety of leadership skills & topics. The key is to choose programming that will help you achieve your goals.

Where to Look:
ANTrepreneur Center (events), ASUCI, Career Center(workshops), Cross-Cultural Center (e.g. IDX: Identity Exploration Series) Schoool of your Major, Student Life & Leadership, UCI Summer Session (leadership development program)

Goal: To develop or improve specific leadership skills that will make you competitive in the global job market. Examples include: adaptability, analytical & critical thinking skills, creativity, conflict resolution, negotiating, networking, people management, strong communication skills, and any other specific
technical skills related to your field of interest.

How to Complete Requirement: Complete a mandatory reflection after
participating in quarter-long seminar or after each workshop. Click here for guidelines.


What:Learn about another country and culture from the inside by studying abroad. Start planning your study abroad now by visiting the Study Abroad Center. A semester or year abroad are recommended, but summer or short-term UCI Experiential Learning is possible. Note: International students can use studying at UCI as their study abroad requirement.

Goal: To go beyond interculutural engagement at the local level and step out of your comfort zone even more! Continue to gain insight into a culture, group, and/or individual that has a perspective different than your own.

How to Complete Requirement: Complete a mandatory reflection after you have completed your study abroad experience. You can either click here for guidelines OR enroll in Uni Studies 197D via WebReg.


What: A 1.0 unit (P/NP) seminar that addresses issues relevant to global citizenship, current topics of global concern, and how you can engage as a global citizen. The seminar will also help you focus your international learning and leadership development into a Capstone Project of your choice.

Uni Studies 6:
Global Leadership (87615)
Fall Quarter 2017
Tuesdays 1:00-1:50pm
SSL 152
email for authorization code to enroll

Goal: To expand your vision of what leadership means in a global context, define the global issues that are of concern to you, and help you prepare your capstone project.


What: Show what you've learned throughout your participation in the program and put it to use by completing a capstone project of your choice! There are three general options: Teaching, Research and Practical Application. This is the culmination of the program. Please refer to the following documents as needed:

Goal: To put into practice what you have learned throughout your participation in the GLCP and use your leadership skills in a meaningful way so that some population benefits from your project and in return you learn something from carrying out the project. In addition, it is expected that you will present your capstone project at the Annual GLCP Celebration & Awards Reception.

Quick tip: The capstone project typically takes about 3 quarters to complete, so please plan accordingly.


  • Complete requirements #2, 3, 4 and 5 in any order.

  • You are encouraged to enroll in the seminar (requirement #5) as soon as possible.

  • You should enroll in the seminar (requirement #5) prior to starting your capstone project (requirement #6)

  • If you have not yet completed program requirement #1, please e-mail for details.

  • Any substitutions must be approved by the Program Advisor.

    • Requirements 2, 3, and 4 require critical reflection. The reflections are a vital aspect of the program. They provide you with an opportunity to stop and examine your experiences and why they matter. Through critical reflection you will learn how to articulate what it is that you have learned and how to share those ideas with others.

    • These reflections are intended for your benefit. You may do the minimum required or reach beyond. Keep in mind that the more you put into this step, the more you will gain from your participation in this program, and the more it will influence your life in the future.

    • Reflections must be completed within 2 weeks of completing the first part of each requirement. Note: Reflections do not have to be in written paper form. You can submit posters, prezis, powerpoints, videos, etc. Feel free to be creative! Click here for an example of a creative reflection.


    Reflections MUST be submitted within two weeks of completing any given requirement.














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