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Diversity and Inclusion UCI Study Abroad Center


The mission of the Study Abroad Center is to foster a culture at UCI in which study abroad is expected and achievable for all students. 

For the majority of students, study abroad is an amazing and sometimes life changing experience. But just like life at your home school, you may encounter some discrimination on your travels. For some students when they study abroad it will be the first time they will be in the position of being a minority.

[While abroad]…you may receive additional attention depending on your background and ethnicity, which may or may not be discrimination. People might judge you based on your ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or gender. Remember, there is nowhere in the world 100% free of ignorant people. Whatever happens, don’t let the possibility of discrimination prevent you from experiencing the life changing benefits of living abroad.

Explore this Diversity Guide to Study Abroad to learn more about how your identity may be impacted during your experience abroad.
-- Diversity Abroad

For support and recommendations, explore the resources below and schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor for assistance, as needed. 

Explore additional resources:

Mental Health
Transitions are a time of opportunity but also of challenge. If you are considering study abroad and have any history of mental health counseling / treatment, please take the time to think seriously about how a major transition in a location with different attitudes about and different access to mental health care might affect you.  If you are currently in treatment, we encourage you to speak with your provider as early as possible about their thoughts on your mental health “readiness.”  We encourage you to take active steps far in advance to plan a “safety net,” for your emotional wellness. 
-- UCI Student Health Center Chief of Psychiatry, Dr. Vivien Chan
UCI ResourcesUCI Wellness, Health & Counseling Services

U.S. Department of State LGBTI Travel Information
Diversity Abroad LGBTQ+ Resources
UC Santa Cruz Queers Abroad
UCI Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center

Race & Ethnicity:
Diversity Abroad Racial & Ethnic Minority Students Abroad
Breaking Barriers Video: Non Traditional Students Before and After Study Abroad
UCI Cross-Cultural Center
UCI Center for Black Cultures, Resources & Research

DisAbility Services:
UCEAP Students with Disabilities Resources
Mobility International
UCI Disability Services Center

Students with Dependents:
UCEAP Guide for Students with Dependents
UCI Pathways to Parents and Adult Learners Success

Meet with the Veterans Services Director for details about funding while abroad. 

Undocumented Students:
Meet with UCI Dreamers Coordinator for the most up to date information and advice from UC legal resources.

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